Care products

Preservation of our organic and natural wood in the way it is intended, our specialist recommend present to you our exclusive cleaning solutions. For the best presentation for all who see your interior is best achieved through our natural care liquids.

Why is it important to use special care products for surface doors / windows?

♦ Save time. SARTO offers a turnkey solution for the care of dveryamii glasses, you do not need to look for a means of picking up his method of trial and error
♦ Protection against unpleasant effects when using poor-quality assets that can affect the appearance of your door - peeling varnish, glossy spots on the surface, stains on the glass, scratches
♦ Proven Quality. Means for care SARTO - a joint project with Johannes KIEHL KG, Germany, which is already more than 100 years, is one of the leading German manufacturers of tools for professional cleaning
♦ Funds SARTO perfect for gentle cleansing and care of the door:
    • Do not leave greasy marks, protect the surface coating light scratches.
    • antistatic effect
    • Do not leave spots and streaks on the glass

♦ Regular use of specialized tools for maintenance will maintain a perfect state of your door
♦ Exclusive representation in stores SARTO

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