Interior Pocket doors

Pocket Home installation suggestions:

If you want to maximize space at your tiny apartment or home with least investment then it is good to go ahead with pocket door kit. When we talk about hinged doors then they are remembered by their swinging motion but on the other side pocket doors use to slide into hollow cavity that is called as a pocket. In simple words, the pocket doors are conventional door units that are mounted on rollers and they glide along overhead tracks. If you have lesser space at home or need much specific planning about space management at every corner then it becomes essential to think about doors. Here you need not to keep additional space for door swing motion so approximately 10 square feet space can be easily eliminated.

If you plan to install a pocket door at home then it will not only manage the space rather it can also work for effective adjustments at tight or cutting spots. There are so many spaces around in house where we need a door for separation but due to smaller space a heavy traditional door cannot be installed. Just take an example of small half bath where you need a door without swing motion because that movement will look really bad. Pocket doors are best solutions for such locations as they can easily steal some space from adjacent closets to make your house look perfectly designed and well managed. One more suitable location in home for pocket doors is at those locations where door can find some space to swing but it blocks the space when open. Such situations can be commonly observed at bathroom entry points, laundry rooms and in closets. When an open door starts appearing like an obstacle at your house then it is essential to think about easy installation of doors.

You can also prefer installing them at double wide type doorways that are often created between two rooms like between living room and dining room. At such locations, pocket doors can leave an elegant impression with unique touch to your interior décor. These doors help to remove those cluttered situations in tiny apartments and improve the beauty with proper obstruction management around.


You will be glad to know that manufacturers these days are using much finer quality of door materials that lead to higher durability. The earlier pocket door systems used to be balky, noisy, and it used to jump over the tracks but on the other side all the latest designs are quite, smooth and well designed with elegant appearance. You can ensure a trouble free smooth service with these doors for long run. Almost every kind of door can be mounted on door type hardware. The commonly used preferences are flush panels, glazed and louvered ones. The major consideration use to be about weight and overall size of the door. Generally, homeowners prefer to install doors with 1 3/8” thick cores with hollow designs whereas overall weight of the structure goes somewhere around 75 pounds. One can also prefer to buy other heavy duty type units as per need and space; these designs are often of 1 ¾” thick whereas overall weight use to go up to 175 pounds.

You can easily find so many options from single manufacturer and some of these may also offer the customized designs to meet your routine needs with set budget or prices range. These pocket doors are generally available in form of pre-assembled kits and they are standard for different home preferences.

Installation Tips:

As pocket doors are installed inside a wall so it is necessary to avoid the chances of trouble for safe future. The very first thing to note is that always prefer to buy rich quality hardware units that can fit your size and weight requirements. It should not appear too complicated for users but at the same time its installation process must be easy to follow and implement.

Always prefer to call professionals to complete the installation task. Do it yourself procedures are not always good because one needs to ensure safety at every next point. The header level as well as tracks must be adjusted carefully.

One more useful tip is to paint your pocket door kits on both side with perfectly colour blending that can suit your interior décor.


Pocket doors can serve like best installations in new homes as well as in remodelled ones. They hold an elegant appearance without any space management issue and the best part is that they have power to complement your décor with easy panting options. If you are planning to add eye catching looks to every portion of your new house then pocket doors are few specific high points will look impressive. You might be aware of the fact that doors usually operate over top hung track that keeps your door wall free from undesired obstructions.

There are so many options related to material, size and colour of a pocket door and they are often recommended for office as well as home projects. They are not much expensive or are rated as fit to budget designs with their adequate structures that can fit to almost every apartment. If you are running sort with money due to huge expenses already done over remodelling or house building process then at this stage it is good to consider pocket doors for your space.

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