About us

Each tree is one of its kinds on earth! This uniqueness comes through in the interior door collections of SartoDoors. Our doors are distinctive, just like you, your family, your children, and your house!

For over 20 years, we serviced the globe with a manufacturing center in Eastern Europe and have over 400 retail locations in Europe. Currently, we have traveled great lengths to bring you our fine European collections by establishing our first US location in Brooklyn, NY.

What we do differently

We have carefully and lovingly selected wood that goes into creating each door leaf.

We present you the beauty of natural and organic materials by designing and custom tailoring them to fit your most desired interior design. We constantly stay ahead of industry trends by drawing new artworks which are beautiful yet efficient. Our paint brushes and pencils are used to create art on canvas only to accommodate and please your senses. Beauty, function, and an eco-friendly product is our focus when we present our unique collections.

We use Italian and German made hardware to bring you the most complete, beautiful and quality product. Our pride and our reputation stands behind all of our collections at Sarto. We are not just door solution providers, we are relationship builders for the interior connoisseur.

We create doors in a way you would ideally make them for yourself; in addition we place our expertise and mastery of our craft in making them for you!

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